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Vet Services

Veterinary ServicesThe Cat Care Clinic of Asheville is a full service Veterinary hospital for felines. As such we offer a variety of medical services to provide state of the art, current diagnostics, surgical, and treatment options.

We also work with professional laboratories to perform all tests and analyze samples that cannot be completed in-house to provide timely and accurate diagnosis for ailing patients. We provide referrals to area specialists for specialty and alternative surgical and diagnostic needs as well.

One of our main focuses for your pets health is client education, which provides pet owners with the essential tools needed to make proper nutritional and medical choices for their companions. All of the staff at the Cat Care Clinic of Asheville is knowledgeable and well versed on many pet-ownership needs and concerns and are more than happy to converse with clients.

Dr. Carnohan believes that it is essential to confer with other veterinary professionals to create the best possible treatment plan for your kitty. She openly communicates with the the University of Tennessee and the College of Veterinary Medicine at NC State, which provides great insight in specialty cases, and keeps a constant flow of information on the newest technologies and treatment options in the veterinary field.


Our Services

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Our new kitten package is spaced out over six visits, to account for everything your new friend needs, taking care to support his or her development. For example, we only give one vaccine at a time to insure strong immunity.

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Most feline diseases associated with old age can be treated and controlled if they are detected early. That’s why your senior cat needs regular veterinary checkups with special attention paid to issues related to geriatric kitties.

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Spaying and neutering your kitties helps keeps the population of unwanted kitties under control, and also helps improve the quality of your pets life.

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We are a fully equipped veterinary hospital set up for surgery and pain management. We can perform all necessary cat surgeries.

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We offer full service cat grooming, from baths and nail clipping to fancy trims and even de-shedding treatment. Pamper yourself by letting us pamper your cat.

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Traveling out of the country with your cat typically requires a health certificate, issued after a full health exam. Sometimes the scheduling has to be very specific.

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You need regular physical exams to detect issues early, before they become a serious health concern. So does your cat. We also provide nutrition and weight management, parasite prevention, and vaccinations if needed.

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The food you choose for your cat is the biggest factor in how long and well he or she will live, except for the love you give. Over half of the cats in the US are obese, because of poor pet food choices. Learn how you can keep your cat healthy.

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We’re professionally equipped with everything necessary for cat care, and can take x-rays, perform ultrasound, and and offer other required diagnostic services.

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We have a limited amount of space for boarding your cat, and reserve it for regular clients. When you need your cat cared for carefully while you travel, we can help.

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For your convenience, we offer online prescription refills for our patients. Just fill in the form. Of course, if you’d rather phone in, that’s fine too.

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Sadly, our cats live much shorter lives than we do, and the price we pay for their love is having to say goodbye when they are in pain that can not be controlled.

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