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​We like to think of ourselves as “cat whisperers” and
some refer to us as Crazy Cat People.
Our response is “And that’s a bad thing??”

The Cat Care Clinic of Asheville was founded by Dr. Kathy Remsberg in 1996 and, over the years, the Asheville cat community has had a place to bring their cats to receive the specialized care they need. In August of 2013, Dr. Remsberg decided to sell the clinic and move closer to her family in Michigan. She handed over the reins to Dr. Karel Carnohan who loaded up her RV with 13 cats, a dog and a parrot and moved to Asheville from Vancouver, British Columbia. Passionate about cats and their special needs, Dr. Karel is honored to have been given the chance to serve the Asheville cat community.

Dr. Karel graduated from Pomona College in 1978 with a degree in English/Theatre and went on to earn a business degree from the University of Chicago. After having worked in finance for many years, she decided to follow her heart and return to school to become a vet. In 2005, Karel graduated from Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine at the tender age of 50. Dr. Karel decided to buy Cat Care Clinic of Asheville in August of 2013, fulfilling her dream to own her own practice and spend her time with the animals she loves… cats. Dr. Karel is dedicated to taking care of your cats with love and tenderness. Dr. Karel believes in reducing the stress our feline friends feel when coming to the vet’s office, and takes care to make Cat Care Clinic the most “cat-friendly” practice it can be. It is never fun bringing your cat to the vet, but at Cat Care Clinic, we try to make it less stressful. Come on in and see us soon!

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