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New Kitten Package

Ah, the excitement of new kittens!

New Kitten Package of Vet Services

Do you have a new feline family member? How wonderful!

It’s time to schedule appointments for vaccines, booster shots, alteration surgery, microchipping….

We understand that adopting a kitten can be expensive. To help defray some of that cost, the Cat Care Clinic has created a kitten discount package which can you save you quite a bit of money!

Dr. Karel believes in a vaccine schedule that is safest and most effective for your kitten. That means only giving one vaccine at a time to insure strong immunity. In addition, Dr. Karel recommends a full kitten vaccination protocol during its first year, even if you plan to keep your kitty inside all the time. This provides base immunity to the bad cat viruses in the chance your cat gets out accidentally.

Our New Kitten Package Includes

First Visit

Initial exam
Test for FIV, Feline Leukemia, and Heartworm
Initial FVRCP/Calici (Combination) Vaccine (one shot every three weeks until 16 weeks old)
Fecal Parasite Test
Oral Broad Spectrum Dewormer
Flea Product Applied

Second Visit

FeLV Vaccine Shot #1

Third Visit

New Kitten PackageFVRCP booster #2

Fourth Visit

FeLV Vaccine Booster Shot #2

Fifth Visit

FVRCP Booster #3 (if applicable)

Last Visit

(at four months or older)
Neuter or Spay Surgery
Pre-anesthetic Blood Panel
Rabies Vaccine
Recheck fecal parasite test
Flea Product Applied
Microchip Placement

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