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Mousse’s Corner

553295_10152657107456051_1544542920170771782_nDid you know that most all-white cats with blue eyes are deaf? Yup. I betcha think I would pay attention if I could hear you, right? Wrong. I am master of my universe and answer to no one. You might have heard that I recently passed over the Rainbow Bridge and am whooping it up rainbowhere in Heaven. However, I know you need my sage advice so I have arranged special communiques to be sent via a vapor trail. Slick, eh? Fire away! Ask me anything!

The Great White Mousse’s Golden Rules

  1. Take as many naps as possible without arousing suspicion.
  2. Awake from naps when reception is the busiest – make sure to step on keyboard and phone.
  3. Eat well and enjoy all minions who bow to my superiority.

Just Ask Mousse!

If you have a question for me just address an email to The Great White Mousse at

QUESTION: Mousse, I am very upset at my human; she keeps putting this stuff on my head every month. It stinks! She says it will protect me from fleas and other parasites. I am never allowed outside so why does she insist on messing up my fur. I am very vain about my fur. Please make her listen to reason. Thanks. Boodles the cat.

ANSWER: Boodles. Your mom loves you very much. That is why she puts flea and heartworm protection on you every month. It can save your life! I know, I don’t like that stinky stuff either but I tolerate it and it’s only once a month. The smell goes away pretty quickly. I hope your mom is using a multi-product for cats, such as Revolution or Advantage Multi, because one application covers fleas, some GI worms, and heartworms. Some of the stuff you get at Walmart and the grocery store don’t work, and some of them are even dangerous. Your mom knows to NEVER put a DOG PRODUCT on your slick feline fur – that can kill you.

Here is why it is important — Fleas carry bad parasites and, when they bite you, they inject those nasty things into your blood! Vampires! Blood parasites like Bartonella, Anaplasma and Mycoplasma can make you very sick. And, if you eat a flea, you can get tapeworms. Gross. But the most dangerous parasite is the heartworm. Heartworms are carried by mosquitoes who always seek out their victims even if they are inside the house. Heartworms grow in the chambers of your heart and you might not even know you have them until your mom rushes you to the ER when you can’t breath! So give your mom a kiss everytime she puts the stuff on you – she is protecting you.

– The Great White Mousse

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