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Clinic Cats

We are pleased to say Tortuga,  Matoaka, Lizzie, Dory, Mycroft, Oney and BC have found wonderful homes with soft beds and loving hearts to care for them. We have wonderful cats just waiting for their forever home. If you are looking for more love and purrs, please call and stop by to meet them.


  • Needs to be brushed 4 times daily
  • Loves to eat, and eat, and eat
  • That’s his paw coming under the exam room door


  • Former Diabetic
  • Loves Greenies
  • Uses Hair Products (don’t tell)

JJ (John Jingleheimer)

  • Man About Town
  • Lisa Marie is his girlfriend
  • Sun Worshiper


  • Former Community Cat Earl
  • Loves to hug with all three of his legs
  • Keeps Wally in line



  • Pretty much a doofus
  • Affection junkie
  • Loves to sleep in the sun


  • Loves Laps
  • Expert Treat Ball Wrangler
  • Hasn’t met a toy she doesn’t like


  • Found as a tiny kitten in a woodpile with 2 broken hind legs
  • Born with a wonky skull so he is blind but cute
  • Loves to zoom around Doc’s office

Mousse at the Cat Care Clinic

Recently some of our fine felines have crossed the Rainbow Bridge – The Great White Mousse, Tiny, Maurice Bieber Jackson, Morris and Marmalade helped make Cat Care Clinic a warm and friendly place to work. We will miss them so much. Their spirits will always walk the halls of Cat Care Clinic. They will never be forgotten


Please visit Marmalade’s Facebook page for additional info on this special cat:

Marmalade the Wondercat

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