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Surgery & Anesthesia

Cat CuddlesSpays and Neuters

For more detail on spaying and neutering, please see our Spay and Neuters page.

Emergency Surgery and Pain Management

We Do Not Declaw Cats

We do not recommend declawing a cat under normal circumstances. There are rare medical reasons why declawing may be necessary, but declawing a normal cat is unnecessarily dangerous in several ways. Please read more about why we don’t declaw here.


One of the hardest decisions any pet owner makes is judging the right time to put your beloved but suffering cat to sleep. However, when organ failure, unmanageable pain, advanced cancer or other uncontrollable medical conditions exist steal your pet’s quality of life, you may need to consider this option. Euthanasia solutions are delivered intravenously by injection and contain a combination of chemicals that are created to deliver quick and painless termination of nerve transmission and complete muscle relaxation. Because there are no nerve impulses conducted, shortly after the injection there will be no thought, sensation or movement, and your cat will be relieved of all pain.

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