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Grooming Services

Cat GroomingWe are pleased to offer limited grooming services for our clients. Please be advised that if your cat requires anesthesia to complete the groom, we will NOT bathe your cat because of the high risk of hypothermia and anesthesia complications.

Short & Long-Hair Grooming Packages

Our packages include an extensive brush out (including clipping of mats), nail trim, potty patch, bath (if not sedated), blow dry, ear/eye cleaning, anal gland expression and an application of finishing spray. If your cat’s mats are severe enough, we may need to clip sections of his fur leaving bald spots. We try to be as gentle as possible and make the clip as cosmetic as we can but if your cat has extensive mats and you are concerned about cosmetic appearance, please consider a Lion Cut, described below.

Bath and Brush Out (no sedation)

This service is for kitties that may have gotten into something, and/or have mats that are beginning to form. This service also includes a nail trim.

Potty Patch

This is a service for kitties that have difficulty maintaining the cleanliness of their bottoms. We shave around the anal and genital region and take off hair around the back legs.

Lion Cut

This hair cut/shave is mainly for long hair felines, although in some cases it may be appropriate for short hair cats. It is especially beneficial to a cat with uncontrollable or uncomfortable matted fur or a cat who suffers from extreme hairball issues. This procedure leaves your kitty with an attractive mane, boots, and a fluffy tail. This service includes a nail trim

About Sedation

Dr. Carnohan does not recommend anesthesia for treatments that are not medically necessary and thus does not recommend anesthesia for grooming unless the groom is required to alleviate pain and/or trauma (for example, a severely matted cat). If anesthesia is necessary, a physical exam and bloodwork may be required to ensure it is safe to proceed and owners will be required to sign a consent form stating that they understand the risks. If your cat is a senior cat, we require exam and bloodwork prior to anesthesia with no exceptions.

Important to Know Before you Book

We require that your cat be up-to-date on Rabies vaccination. If not, we will vaccinate your cat during his visit for the standard charge. In order to protect other cats in the clinic, if we observe evidence of fleas on your cat, we will apply flea product at an additional charge. By signing the grooming agreement, you agree to these terms.

Other Grooming Options Available By Request

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