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Cat Friendly Practice

Cat Care Clinic of Asheville is a proud member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and is certified as a Cat Friendly Practice. To meet this standard, we must follow certain guidelines that help reduce the stress of your cat at the clinic.  The AAFP has a wealth of information on their website to help you keep your kitty healthy and happy. Please take time to explore:


The Need for Cat Friendly PracticesCat-Friendly-Practice-Logo-FINAL_opt-220-w-77h

In the United States, there are millions more owned cats than owned dogs, yet cats visit veterinarians less frequently than dogs. A major reason is that it is very stressful to take cats to the veterinary practice and often owners believe their cat doesn’t need routine check-ups for wellness and preventive care. The Cat Friendly Practice (CFP) program provides a solution to this trend and provides an opportunity for veterinary practices to elevate care for cats and reduce the stress during the visit.

The AAFP has great tools to help you keep your cat happy and healthy:


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