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The Cat’s Inn Boarding

Boarding Your CatBoarding Your Cat With Us


Our boarding area is a quiet, sun-filled room. Prior to your cat’s arrival, the cage will be pre-treated with Feliway, a product that calms cats and reduces overall stress. The absence of dogs and a quiet setting ensures your cat’s stay will be as stress-less as possible. The Zen garden view helps too!

Single cages and double room suites available but space is limited so we offer this service to our existing clients only. Holidays are particularly busy so we suggest you reserve space ahead of time.

One way to reduce the stress of your cat being away from home is to bring his or her own food, toys, and bedding. We recommend bringing a “used” t-shirt or sweatshirt so your cat has your scent to calm him. We are happy to provide food at an additional fee.

To keep everyone safe, all patients MUST be up-to-date on Rabies and distemper/upper respiratory vaccinations. In addition, if we see fleas on your cat, we will apply flea product – either Revolution or Advantage Multi – for an additional fee.

If you are scheduled to board with us, please download, print and fill out our boarding agreement prior to your arrival.

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