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Dr. Karel Carnohan, VeterinarianYour cat is part of your family, and Dr. Karel and Cat Care’s vet clinic team are here to help your kitties live a long and happy life.

Our full-service veterinary clinic specializes in enhancing the well-being of cats, and only cats. Well – kittens too! We are a Cat Friendly Practice certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. We have designed our practice to reduce the stress cats feel when at the vet: our staff is trained in feline-friendly restraint techniques, noises are kept to a minimum and there are no threatening doggie smells to frighten your cat. Find out more at the Cat Friendly website:

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Make an appointment today by phone or online for a routine wellness exam, care for a sick pet, or to discuss any concerns you have about your cat’s health. Our veterinarian, Dr. Karel, wants to help your cat live a longer and happier life.

Veterinary Health Exams

Pet Health Examinations

Just like in humans, regular health exams for your cat can prevent serious conditions from developing.

Feline Vaccinations and Immunizations


Vaccinations are important for the safety of your cat. Even cats that stay indoors need vaccinations.

Cat x-ray service

Diagnostic Tests

We are a fully-equipped cat veterinary clinic with all diagnostic testing that your sick cat may need.

Cat Boarding

The Cat's Inn - Boarding

In our cats-only veterinary clinic, your pet never needs to be stressed by close proximity to dogs and other species.

Cat Diet

Nutrition Consulting

Diet plays a big role in keeping your cat healthy and in managing many medical conditions. Learn about the Purrrrrrfect Diet to give your cat a long and healthy life.

Cat Care Guides

Cat Care Guide

You need reliable advice about how to care for your cat, and we can help. Start with our Basic Cat Care Guide.

Cat Reiki by Kayce Calhoun of Healing Energies of Asheville

Special Services

We offer access to various healing services. Kayce Calhoun of Healing Energies of Asheville practices Reiki and other energy therapies to help animals heal. We also can refer you to certified acupuncturists and animal communicators.

Cat Prescriptions

Pharmacy & Prescriptions

We stock a large number of prescription medicines and supplements. We also use local compounding pharmacies to provide medications in the best formulations for your cat. Please provide us 24 hour notice if you need a prescription refilled.

Cat Grooming and Nail Trimming

Cat Grooming

Cat Care Clinic provides selected grooming services for our existing clients. We provide kitten and cat bathing, brushing, ear and nail care as well as coat trims. For grooming services, call us.

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Asheville Weather – Snow Days

To keep everyone safe, the clinic will be closed when inclement weather makes it unsafe for travel.

Please check our Facebook page for current updates or call us at 828-645-7711 when the snow falls!

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